Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Released Sept 2014

Runtime 16:48

5 Tracks

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  • 01Fourth of JulyLyricsBuy on Bandcamp2:59There’s only one thing and I swear its true
    I said its just one night
    Like amphetamine, the need only grew
    Until it lit the sky

    We're all about the circumstance
    Complacency and consequence
    We’re headed for a great big mess
    And I can say, in my defense,
    Its both our fault, a little bit
    If you were willing to confess

    I remember saying I wont fight with you
    On the fourth of july
    It was black and white, now its black and blue
    I said baby don’t cry

    There’s only one thing and I swear its true
    I said its just one night
    As you and he convened, on the floor of your room
    You said everything’s fine

    We're all about the circumstance
    Complacency and consequence
    We’re headed for a great big mess
    And I can say, in my defense,
    Its both our fault, a little bit
    If you were willing to confess
    And everything comes back to you
    I know you know, I know its true
    If you could hear the words you use
    It always seems to come to this
    A summer dress on summer skin
    As sweet a season always ends
  • 02Just a Little BitLyricsBuy on Bandcamp3:17Cops came yesterday, said we're loud
    Turn it up, young punks gotta get it out
    Was my assumption there’d at least be some discussion, darling
    You want it all, want it now, it doesn’t matter how

    Outside of your place in the morning
    Watched the sun rise on the side of your building
    You weren't up yet so I lit another cigarette and
    Convinced myself it wasn’t worth the conversation

    Call it how you see it
    I’m not one to argue with you on semantics
    Tell me again, I want to hear it
    Tell me how he’s just so funny and romantic
    I wanna feel it, even just a little bit

    Girls say they want a man with good intentions
    But, you know, I'm just a boy that can't pay attention
    Its not compulsion, no, its just the way I function, darling
    I was bitter, now I’m better, but I'm missing something

    They all said, boy, get out while you're still young
    Don't be a fool, son, don't do what your daddy done
    Before you know it, its another wasted a year or so and
    You know its gone, and you know you only get one.

    I don’t know, and even so (I guess it doesn’t matter)
    And it shows, even though (I guess I'm getting better)
    Take your time, I don’t mind (if it takes forever)
    If you’re inclined and its mine (then you can take whatever)
  • 03Beauty QueenLyricsBuy on Bandcamp2:59And if its all the same to you, I’ll save a table
    If you make it out, yeah I’ll be around
    Was sure as hell, I’m sure you knew, I’d never follow through
    Without a doubt, I just don’t know how
    And even if the summer’s gone, I’ll take the car on down
    I don’t care where, I’ll meet you there
    When everything is said and done, I know I got it wrong
    I know my timing isn’t fair

    I said baby you're my everything
    A wrecking ball, a beauty queen
    She stood there looking at her shoes
    Said I gotta use the bathroom now
    I’ve confessed, I should have guessed
    I should have shut my mouth

    And each and every one of them, even your best laid plans
    Are knocked around, and don’t work out
    You answer like a minuteman, as short as my attention span
    A crash of sound, like a battleground
    She’s nicotine and porcelain, she’s always calling him
    He’s just a friend, or so she says
    I’m possessive and aggressive and a bit obsessive
    And I’m inattentive at my best
  • 04Dirty FingersLyricsBuy on Bandcamp4:18t was moving fast, did you see it?
    Now its collapsed, just debris at best
    Been a long time, you know
    Been a long time, you know
    I knew all along you were leaving
    And if I was wrong would you even
    Let me have the afterglow
    Or care enough to let me know

    And baby’s got her mind set
    She says not to remind her
    What its for - whats it for?
    Yeah, we all want something more
    And she’s tearing down the wallpaper
    A decade’s worth of armor
    Till there’s nothing left to bear
    Now she’s just left standing there
    Looking bored - there’s something more

    Autumn’s coming, can you feel it?
    Burned to the filter, but I’m breathing
    Said I’d quit it years ago
    Said I’d quit it years ago
    Dirty fingers, ears ringing
    Pushing faders just to hear it
    Can’t even find the notes
    Can’t remember words I wrote

    Don’t you wonder, baby
    Don’t you even bother
    Rediscover words from younger summer days
  • 05All In Your HeadLyricsBuy on Bandcamp3:15I remember the first night and it tears me open
    I'm overreacting, I’m not over anyone
    As long as it feels right, as long as I’m coping
    It feels like a war crime, it feels like moving on

    Cause darlin don't compromise, she don't even try
    Its all in your head
    And baby its wrecking me, what we used to be
    Go ahead

    I know that you're lonesome, don't try to fight it.
    Can't shake this feeling though I know that you've tried
    I know its a problem, I know that you hide it
    To my understanding, its a demanding supply
Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Released Sept 2013

Runtime 19:27

6 Tracks

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View on Bandcamp
  • 01Just The SameLyricsBuy on BandcampiTunes3:01Got a funny little feeling
    You know its enough for me
    You kick me when I'm down, love
    You know how you can be
    Now that you don't call me
    The seasons fly on by
    You know what you said
    You understand
    The reason why

    Yeah you must of had a reason
    I know you're as bad as me
    Trust you far as I can throw
    But it's a cripple's game
    They're calling all the strikes, dear
    And now its out for me
    You'd think I'd care, but
    I've been drinking
    I cant feel a thing

    She says its worse in the mornings
    But she only says it in the evening
    She sells convictions cause they're
    Only contradictions just the same
  • 02Take You HomeLyricsBuy on BandcampiTunes3:12And I know
    It was a waste of three whole years
    Baby you act so cold
    Now I feel so old
    I know its been so long
    Baby I use you too
    Ain’t hard to do

    Its four in the morning
    Let me take you home
    I’m sick of damn near everything
    Sick of drinking alone

    And I know its been so long
    You know I need you too
    Its sad but true
    And it don’t matter any more
  • 03Shoe StainsLyricsBuy on BandcampiTunes2:53Its been three drinks since I could tow the line
    Slip back in the bathroom to fix your eyes
    Steal another red cup and fill it up
    You’re heading back to your place and ask me to come

    I Feel sick don’t wanna move
    Need you to take me home
    Least you could do is pass the booze
    And put your name in my phone
    I Gotta go reach for the door
    Get to the elevator
    And now your friends are wearing shoes
    Covered in dinner

    No time to lend a hand or apologize
    Safe leaning as I descend, I close my eyes
    The block seems like a mile as I stumble home
    Can’t even feel the cold as I walk alone
  • 04Doing Just FineLyricsBuy on BandcampiTunes3:51It all looks so nice
    That I want to fuck it up
    You chose the colors right
    But they decided to run
    It ain’t right, darlin’ it ain’t right

    You locked your troubles tight
    But I want to get me some
    You always say you're fine
    So the conversation's done
    It ain’t right, darlin’ it ain’t right

    And I don't care
    I don't wanna meet your friend
    Look at me - drunk, alone, and laughing
    You don’t need a reason
    I’ve got mine, enough for even falling apart
    Baby, its my art

    The words seemed polite
    But were meant to fuck you up
    You got the meanings right
    But you went a bit too far
    It ain’t right, darlin’ it ain’t right
  • 05Behind The ScenesLyricsBuy on BandcampiTunes3:04Baby I said maybe
    We can't fight this feeling, it’s the first thing
    And lately I've torn myself in two
    Feel it coming, feel it falling around you

    I just want to talk, I just want to talk to you
    I just want to talk, I just want to talk to you
    And every word you say I know eventually
    That honestly its all I need
    To see it fall behind the scenes again

    She's a lady In the mornings
    She's down there making coffee, it's the little things
    She's late again and her footsteps say it, too
    You can feel her running, feel it all around you
  • 06Look So PrettyLyricsBuy on BandcampiTunes3:26Digging though her purse to check
    If she’s got any cigarettes left
    She gets it from her mother
    That and a couple other bad, bad habits
    I want to mess you around
    I want to tear you down

    She don’t realize that the things she does
    To ease her mind are
    The things her momma tried
    And they didn’t work back in ‘69
    I want to ask you why
    I want to see you cry

    You look so pretty when you’re down
    And you’re begging
    Is that so wrong?
    So quit debating and get on
    With just living
    Is that so hard?

    She’s got legs that go for miles
    And she uses every inch of them
    And when she smiles
    You know she’s off and running
    I want to ask you why
    I want to see you cry


We met at a party in Madison. People told us we looked like a band, so we started one a few days later.

The Lately is

Sam Vocals, Guitar

Ryan Guitar, Vocals

Mark Drums

Mike Bass